Our specialty is designing, improving, and automating business systems. Many business owners have heard that only 1 out of 10 businesses will survive the first 10 years (survive, not necessarily thrive). What most business owners don’t know is that 19 out of 20 of franchises thrive well beyond their first 10 years. The main difference between the two classes of business is the systems. The first group is comprised mostly of people that are good at a given skill and try to open a business to provide that skill. Unfortunately for them, running a successful business takes a much different type (or group) of skillset(s).


Financial Management

The lifeblood of every business. Managing your money is the single most important aspect of a business. If your finances are not structured correctly, too many orders can be worse for your business than not enough. Fortunately, usually it takes just a few small tweeks to turn a business that is “growing broke” into a greatly profitable business.


Workflow and Business Process Optimization and Automation

Our consultants are experts at helping your team find inefficiencies and removing and/or improving them. After the business processess and workflows have been optimized we help identify the steps that can be automated. This frees up your employees to focus on higher level value building for your clients and helps ensure consistency in your value delivery.


Facilitate collaboration

The most overlooked source of value in businesses is their employees. Its a proven fact that creating an open line of communication to upper management and increasing collaboration is the best way to access your greatest source of value; your employees. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Sam Walton, and most other dominating entrepreneurs had this in common. They listened to their employees. This is no different today. Most business owners dont know that Google and many other top IT companies today give their employees between one day a month and one day a week to work on anything they want to. These businesses have repeatedly proclaimed that this one day produces more value for the company than all other days combined. The employees know what needs to be fixed and where the biggest bottlenecks in the business are, and if given the power and opportunity to fix it, they will. If you give employees a break from fighting the fires, they will find the cause of the fires and stop it.


Data management

Data management is a huge subject today. Businesses know that it is important, but often do not know what to do with it. We can help organize the data so that you can better server your clients. From simple CRM organization to data mining and machine learning we can help get your data organized, secure, and productive.


Machine learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning seem to be all over the IT news, but what is it? Will it take over the world? This subject is very misunderstood. Just like relational databases were going to take over the world 80 years ago, machine learning is now the subject of much controversy. Is this powerful technology only available to Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft? The answer is no. Most IT people are not aware that machine learning is over 50 years old. Its just algorithims that help a machine look at historical data and identify patterns, similar to what people can do. Many of these algorithims are widely availabe. There are actually machine learning platforms that allow you to use it right on your smart phone! The great thing about machine learning is very similar to what relational databases did 80 years ago. It allows any business to analyse large sets of data. The advantage that machine learning provides is that instead of people needing to dig through the data manually and identify useful patterns and provide reports at the end of a month, quarter, or year, machine learning can automate the identification of patterns and allow the implementation of real-time reactions or even proactive actions based on what a client is likely to need or want.